Singo Solution offers each client a fully hosted and managed customer experience that works with your current technology, no software or equipment. A positive customer experience is critical in staying competitive in today's market.
With Singo Solution's state-of-art solutions our clients boost efficiency, provide outstanding customer service and gather information  to identify and improve processes.

Our clients benefit from:
  • High customer contact rates
  • Consistent follow-up contact rates
  • Increased Operations ROI
  • Increased Advertising ROI
  • Increased  client experience ratings
  • Increased  client retention  percentages
  • Increased RPC's with advanced Caller ID Logic

Summary of Service Organization Products:
  • Call automation services:
  • No equipment or software
  • Local and Toll Free number traffic reporting and tracking
  • Automatic scheduled follow-up contacts and routing to your services agents
  • Customized messaging
  • Quality assurance feedback on service technicians

Virtual Call Center Platform:
  • No equipment or software
  • Enterprise level call center platform
  • Complete inbound and outbound functionalities (routing, reporting, etc...)
  • Digital call recording, live monitoring, and  call whisper
  • Customizable CRM (client database, invoices, client history, etc...)

Office Administrative Desk Phone System:

  • No PBX or software
  • Direct dialing; group dialing; extension dialing
  • Digial call recording
  • Call traffic reporting
  • Local, National, and Global numbers available

Singo Solution focuses on its clients' particular needs and works closely to develop solutions for their specific applications.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals.  

Singo Solution, Your "Single Source for Your Contact Center Needs".