TeleSales / TeleSupport

Singo Solution offers each client a fully hosted and managed customer experience that works with your current technology, no software or equipment. 

A positive customer experience is critical in staying competitive in today’s market.  With Singo Solution’s state-of-art Call Automation solutions, our clients boost    efficiency, provide outstanding customer service, and gather information to identify and improve processes. Clients are using our Call Automation solution in a variety of ways. 

Our clients benefit from:
  • High customer contact rates
  • Consistent follow-up contact rates
  • Increased Operations ROI
  • Increased Advertising ROI
  • Increased client experience ratings
  • Increased client retention percentages
Here are just some of “Top”  ways our clients are utilizing our solutions:

1. Fiber/Network Teams uses Call Automation to notify both residential and commercial users who are affected during fiber and network upgrades.

2. Client Tech Centers use Call Automation to help filter trouble tickets prior to truck rolls.  We launch a call to filter out which customers have issues after a major storm.

3. Collection Departments (both via agents and automated) remind customers who are past due and allow them to be transferred to an automated payment system or talk directly to a customer rep if they have questions.  In one location alone we currently do over a half a million calls per month!

4. Sales Departments (both residential and commercial) use Call Automation for follow-up calls for missing data to finalize new account set-ups.  This ensures they are able to connect with every customer who expressed interest on their website or through one of their retail outlets.

5. Quality Field Services provide immediate feedback (surveys) about their technicians and score their performance based on historical data.

6. Warehouse Teams (for replacement equipment) reduce their contact costs from $1.00 to 3 cents by using  Call Automation functionality.  For customers who need to return equipment, our system allows them to either send in their equipment or locate the closest retail out let to drop off equipment.

7. Appointment Verifications can be completed by Call Automation which handles installation calls 24 hours ahead of time and service calls 2 hours ahead of time to confirm there is still an issue or that the customer will be available before deploying a technician.

8. First Month’s Billing reminders are handled by Call Automation effectively contacting all new clients to provide a welcome message and short message about the prorated nature of their first billing. In these cases, the clients first bill may be a proration of 3 or 5 weeks. These proactive contacts ensure a smooth transition for each new client.

Singo Solution focuses on its clients’ particular needs and works closely to develop solutions for their specific applications. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals.
Singo Solution, Your “Single Source for Your Contact Center Needs”.