Imagine that you are a doctor with a busy medical practice.  Keeping your appointment slots filled and moving along is important, not only from a financial standpoint but in regards to the care of your patients as well. 

An appointment time that is not filled is a time that could have been used by a truly sick patient.  When a patient leaves your office, they typically leave with their instructions, prescriptions and a follow up appointment date.  In the case of a sick person, some of this information may not be remembered right away.

Face it, everyone is living a very busy lifestyle these days and it is difficult to keep up with all of the appointments that they must face every day.  Many doctors opt to call their patients one day or a few days before a scheduled appointment, which is a good service but takes away from the day to day tasks that need to be done by the reception or office staff and can bog down the routine needlessly.  Using an outbound messaging service, also known as Call Automation, eliminates a huge time draining chore from the daily routine and can not only save time, but effort and money for the practice as a whole.

The Life of a Medical Office Receptionist
The office staff at a medical practice, or any other office that relies on having a filled appointment book for success, cannot spend their time trying to call each scheduled person for the week to make sure that they remember their upcoming appointment.  There are often people who are not home, people who are screening their calls and numbers that are not valid or out of order.  In addition to trying to make these calls, the receptionist and other office staff are trying to greet patients, take payments, make new appointments, type letters, file paperwork and do a dozen other office related skills.  In the course of doing all of this, the office staff is trying to make reminder phone calls.  Calls will be missed and other tasks will not be done correctly or may be forgotten as well.  The stress level in this office will lead to faster staff burnout and higher turnover rates as well.

Call Automation and Lowered Stress Levels
By using Call Automation to deliver reminder messages about appointments, the need to refill scheduled, maintenance drugs and other helpful information from the doctor’s practice to each of the patients on premade lists, the stressful attempt of trying to fulfill too many roles will be eliminated for the office staff.  Limiting the calls to inbound only will also allow more patients to be taken care of on a daily basis.  Patient care should be the first priority of the practice and the office staff, which cannot be truly or effectively done when there is the need to continually call and make repeated outbound calls.

Any practice is best served by keeping the appointment books filled.  Knowing that people are not going to be there can allow for emergency patients to be put in that slot instead.We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals.
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