All of our software is tested in our own center prior to any release. That's what stands apart from most software companies - we use our own product on a day to day basis. As we get feed back from the call center floor, we improve on our product and make sure it's stable prior to launching to the general public.

This ensures that you get a quality product - one tested in a true world environment. Other vendors test using QA models - but nothing compares to a real world deployment.

We started out in the call center environment, noticed that the solutions were expensive and wasn't all inclusive. We started building cost effect solutions which had all the core features needed in today's environment without having to go to multiple vendors. Thus, Singo was created.

We've been able to accomplish this by providing feature rich solutions - both hosted and customer dedicated equipment that is supported by a dedicated staff.

Since that time, SINGO has expanded to specialized services. This includes work for:

  • Mortgage Banks and Lenders by providing marketing packages that communicates directly to Calyx Point.
  • Realtor Network by providing listing services (Click Active Leads)
  • Providing Tools to Home Owners who want to sell their home through our IVR system (Click FSBO Service)
  • Schools who need an emergency notification service (Click Messaging on Demand)

To learn about these services, go to our Products and Client Sections.