Referral Program

Through the years, Singo has been blessed with customers spreading the word about our platform. As a way to thank you to everyone who has helped us generate such excitement, we want to offer a finder’s fee arrangement for any and all Singo related products.

Anyone is eligible to participate in the incentive program - either at a personal or company level. To qualify, you must register for our referral program - a form can be requested at Response and approval is normally within 24 hours given that the agreement is filled out and tax information is provided.

For qualified referrals and participants, Singo will pay 10% of Net Sales for the first 12 months. Minimum Net Sales must be greater than $250. The amount of participation in the sales process is entirely up to you. You can either be anoynomous or be part of the sales

Value Added Resellers and Strategic Partners

We have special programs for Value Added Resellers willing to learn and demo the product. A number of our customers, who are already well versed in our solutions, end up being our best advocates. Because of their knowledge and their personal experience with us, we often extend the length of the incentive. Please email us at for more detail.