SMS Applications


The Singo Solution Text Messaging Solution provides a flexible, and cost effective technology for sending and receiving text messages (SMS). Utilizing our powerful automation and scripting technology we have the ability to do one-way and bi-directional text messages.  Singo can provide reporting showing each SMS sent and received and overall reporting showing messages sent.  Singo will work with our clients to make sure each campaign is designed to provides the information necessary for your business operations.

Improve business productivity and reach your contacts more effectively by adding SMS to reach out to your customers. According to FunMobility, who evaluated all of their client’s SMS-click through rates in aggregate, determined that the average SMS click-through is 36%. That means that for every 100 customers that receive an SMS message with a hyperlink in it, on average, 36 of them will click on that hyperlink. That’s pretty good, especially when compared to email, which only has an average click-through rate of 3.2%. Combine an average SMS click-through rate of 36%, with the average SMS open rate of 99%, you can see why so many companies are starting to use SMS and insert links into their campaign messages.

Our messaging options are fliexible. SMS messages can be static, i.e. the same message for the campaign or script.  The messages can be dynamic based on information passed to Singo in the contact file.  We can also roll over to SMS if a customer cannot be reached by phone. Singo will work with each client to make sure the best option is selected and programmed.

Singo also handles Opt Out requests using the universal command (STOP) which will stop all communication per FCC rules.  Singo can also handle Opt-In options, where the customer requests to receive SMS for a secific campaign.

Singo SMS is can be initiated by both outbound or inbound text messages.  The customer can receive a text message and respond to it or they can initiate a text message and start a conversation by sending a simple text like Hello or Go or Start, whatever is scripted for your campaign and phone number.

Contact Us for any questions or for pricing information on using the Singo Solution Text Messaging Solution in your contact solution needs.